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Paymate Solutions

Paymate Solutions is pleased to offer Electronic payslips (E-pay slips) for it's customers  

We are delighted to announce the E-payslips capability for our customers. With this option, your days of printing paystubs are over! You can send payslips to your employees electronically or they can view it from this website. It saves time, paper and will help your continue or begin a, “green,” initiative.  

This is how it works
Once you have run the payroll, Paymate will create a special file that contains the details of their payslip. At a press of a button, you will send the file to us. From the file, the system will create payslips in PDF format that are encrypted and password protected. Based on the option you have chosen, the system will do one of the following:    

Option 1 – Employees log on our website and look at the payslips. The payslips will be hosted on this website.  The website will enable employees to login to their accounts with a company name, user id and password.  The employees will be able to change their passwords, see their paystubs, download their paystubs and remove their paystubs from Web.  

Option 2 – We can email the payslips to your employees. The system will send the payslips by email for onward transmission to employees.  

Please contact sales at 1-866-PAYMATE for more information.